Weather you are dealing with new knee pain from an injury or from an ache that has been going on for years, one thing is for certain-problems in the knee can affect your entire life.  Sound familiar?

Getting to the bottom of what is causing your knee pain or what may have contributed to it in the first place is the first step to improving your health.  Here are the 5 common factors of knee pain:

1. Gender.  Did you know that more women than men develop knee problems? One of the reasons is that females generally have wider hips than males thus creating more pressure on the knee.

2. Age.   Our knees help to hold us upright from the moment we learn to walk.  Over the years, it is no surprise that our joints start to wear out or degrade.

3.  Weight.  Carrying excessive weight can have a major impact on your knees.  Did you know for every pound you are overweight are 4 pounds of pressure on your knees?  This is significant and helps to degrade the joint.

4. Overexertion.  While exercise and movement are always good for our bodies, they still can be too much or overused.  This can result in painful injuries such as meniscus tears, ACL and PCL tears, or fractures.

5.  Tobacco Use. Did you know that tobacco use has been linked to musculoskeletal issues and can speed up the rate at which our joints degenerate?

If you are dealing with knee pain and do not want to continue taking pain medication and do not want surgery we offer viable alternatives that will help your body heal itself.

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