Sometimes, the best thing to do when feeling stressed is to stop and take a breather as we give our body time to relax.

Stretching is a known stress reliever that can also calm your headspace.  This as you are happening a lot for us right now with all that is happening in the world.  So, the next time you are feeling stressed, give these stretches a try.

Child’s Pose: Release tension in your lower back by kneeling on the floor and bringing your feet together (put a pillow under your knees or a mat down so it is comfortable.

Open your legs at the knees.  Sit back on your feet and walk your arms straight out or forward onto the floor as your chest lowers to the ground.  Take a few deep breaths.

Forward Fold:  Stretch your upper and lower body by standing with your feet a few feet apart but not wider than your hips.  Slightly bend your knees.  Bend forward at the hips with your arms stretched to the ground.

Chest Opener:   Standing straight, hold your hands together behind your back and squeeze your upper shoulder blades toward one another.

These stretches should help calm and relax you.

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